About Beyond Boundaries Crystals

“New Directions”

I want to travel as fas as I can go,
I want to reach the joy that’s in my soul,
And change the limitations that I know,
And feel my mind and spirit grow;
I want to live, exist, “to be”,
And hear the truths inside of me.

By Doris Warshay


From childhood, the word “freedom” has resonated deeply with me. Its meaning has changed over time as I moved through the decades. One time it was thinking a car would give me freedom, and yes, it did. Yeah! Then I thought once I reached the ripe old age of 21 I would be really free. I found out I was free to experience adulthood but without having acquired the wisdom, I still didn’t have the freedom I now enjoy. And I look forward, yet, to more growth in this area.  

The desire for freedom was also attached to my health and healing. I understood at a young age that we had the capacity to heal ourselves but it was a couple of decades before I was to realize how this passion for Freedom was related to health and healing.

In a roundabout way I ended up studying Nursing, and after I graduated from school I realized I had learned much about the disease process and nothing about what healing actually was or how to activate it.  

There are some conditions my body carries that I have wanted healed, and one in particular since childhood. Combine a so-called “incurable condition” with the awareness that we can heal ourselves, and you find yourself with the high motivation to figure out how to activate that ability to self-heal and the drive to learn just who we are. And the fire was lit to find the answers.

“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

~Albert Einstein

His statement reflects my understanding that if I change the frequency (level of consciousness), I can then begin changing something I wish to change. Because everything is energy and energy vibrates at different frequencies depending on what it is we are looking at, i.e. a table, the different organs in the body, thoughts we are thinking, emotions we are feeling, etc. Then, it stands to reason that by changing the frequency we can begin to change that which we would like to change.  

8 years ago when I moved to Omaha my search for crystals opened the opportunity to develop Beyond Boundaries.  It has since expanded to include educational opportunities. It is a joy to be a part of others’ explorations in the world of energy and all possibilities. There are no boundaries to that exploration–just expansion to other levels of awareness.

We get to choose the length, the depth, the breadth we fly.